Friday, 10 July 2015

Graduation Style Tips

Graduation is a very exciting time: your hard work has come to an end and you've had a bit of a break from your course mates so now it's time to come together one more time, in your finest finery. But, it's important to remember that the congregations are a big deal at university and serious ceremonies call for a bit more dressing up. You can't just get away with your standard night out gear but this isn't high school prom. I've devised a few tips to help you nail your graduation look, although not tripping up on stage is all down to you:


  • A suit is a must! Waistcoats aren't necessary but at the very least you should have on a smart pair of trousers and a shirt buttoned up with a tie. A jacket would finish your look off but when you're wearing the gown it won't really be seen so it's down to personal taste really (weather permitting)
  • I don't even have to tell you that trainers are a massive 'no way' so I'll just say that you should clean and polish your shoes, and make sure your laces are done up - your parents will probably be pestering you with this anyway
  • If you can afford to go to a tailor then make sure your trousers fit you properly at the hem. Too long and you'll be dragging dust along the stage, but too short and you just best hope you picked out some good socks
  • Black is the standard colour for a formal suit but don't be afraid of wearing a colour or pattern you really want to. Traditionally, dark is best since your gown will be black but blues and greys are really popular at the moment


  • Heels are great for making you stand up a bit straighter and can generally make an outfit look sleeker, but don't feel any pressure to wear them. There are some gorgeous flats on the market at the moment and it will save you from painful calves in the morning. On the other hand, don't go too high with your heels - this is a congregation, not Tup Tup. I would say about 3" is a good height, you have the added height whilst still being able to walk comfortably
  • Mid-length dresses ooze sophistication and are great for formal occasions such as this. A suit skirt would look just as classy, as well as suit trousers, but I think you can have a bit more fun with a dress. As a rule I would say that garish patterns and bright colours are out, but we're young and it's summer so you can have some freedom in the one you go for. Navy and black are staple colours and you can't really go wrong with them
  • In terms of a dress, don't forget that during the ceremony you will be wearing your gown so back detailing doesn't matter. Open back, halter neck, detailing - it will all be covered up when you really need to get your Formal on so don't stress too much
  • With jewellery and accessorising, I would definitely say that less is more in this situation. The fur hood on your gown is bling enough so don't take away from that

The most important guide I can give you is to make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit, no matter what you choose to wear. If you feel good in what you're wearing then that confidence will show as you stride across the stage and collect that parchment you've worked your bum off for (most people anyway). This day is all about celebrating you and all you've achieved, so make sure you celebrate you too!

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