Sunday, 5 July 2015

Graduation Outfits - Women

You may have already graduated from your various institutions but, if like at my university, the congregations are just getting started then the perfect outfit may be heavy on your mind. Although my own isn't until July 15th, I've spent about a month researching dresses and trying to find one smart but not stuffy, elegant but not boring and in just the right colour. I can be super picky but I've finally found one for myself to wear! (I'll post photos after the big day.)

Here's my round up of the best dresses I've found from high street retailers, there might be one in there perfect for you:


ASOS have a new Bridesmaids section that has some gorgeous dresses appropriate for the fancier occasions, along with Petite and Tall sections to get just the right fit. They have different brands so the quality of pieces can vary but I've never been disappointed with an ASOS own brand dress.

New Look

New Look is one of the first places I go to when I need a specific outfit because it's quality is very reliable and it's all pretty affordable. The great thing with this brand is there are shops everywhere so you can try on in person, although every one I've been has now unfortunately got rid of their Tall section so you long legged ladies may have to stick with getting it delivered.

Image: New Look Hem Tunic Dress, £19.99


Topshop have some of the most gorgeous dresses on the high street - but they also come with the price tag. Quality is always a certainty with Topshop though so if you are after something quite special and can afford, then one of these might right up your alley. 


Missguided is another online retailer and the majority of it's items are at pretty decent prices. Their designers are really good at embracing block colouring without losing a garment's edge, as you can see in these dresses.

Where would you go for an occasion dress? Have you already bought your graduation outfit?