Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Graduation Outfits - Men

Earlier this week I posted with a selection of graduation appropriate dresses and today I've scouted out some of the best suits on the high street. Black is a classic and easy choice to go with, always being appropriate and on trend, but it isn't a necessity. Blue is a very popular choice, along with dark checks and greys. If you fancy something a bit different from the norm then take a look here:


ASOS is known for constantly being on trend without compromising on quality and their suits range is no exception. Although their focus is on 'Slim' and 'Skinny' fits, not surprising considering their young demographic, they have a big range of colours and pattern designs that cater to pretty much every sense of style. Some are three-piece but I wouldn't say that a waistcoat is necessary for graduation so the two-piece selection does just fine.

Image: ASOS Skinny Fit Suit in Navy (Jacket - £60, Trousers - £25)

Image: ASOS Slim Fit Suit in Burgundy (Jacket - £60, Trousers - £25)

Image: ASOS Slim Fit Suit in Herringbone (Jacket - £85, Waistcoat - £32, Trousers - £40)


Burton are one of the go-to high street retailers for mens fashion and they have an incredible range of formal wear on offer as well. Besides a variety of fits and colours, they also offer a selection of machine washable suits, meaning you can save yourself a fortune on dry cleaning bills in the future - just chuck them in with your pants and you're good to go. You can even hire formal suits from £50, handy if the budget doesn't quite stretch. 

Image: Burton Tailored Fit Machine Washable Suit in Light Grey (Jacket - £49, Trousers - £30)

Image: Burton Texture Slim Fit Suit in Mid Blue (Jacket - £79, Trousers - £40)

Image: Burton Tailored Fit Suit in Light Grey Check (Jacket - £49, Trousers - £30)


Topman are reliable and the value for money is reasonable. You can be rest assured that your suit will be on trend and stylish, pretty much no matter which you go for. Like ASOS, they have a focus on the slimmer fits although there are 'Regular' fits available. You may end up with the same suit as someone else on your course but hey, at least you'll both be looking primed. 

Image: Topman Skinny Fit Suit in Blue and Grey Check (Jacket - £110, Trousers £50)

Image: Topman Textured Slim Fit Suit in Navy (Jacket - £120, Trousers - £55)

Image: Topman Slim Fit Suit in Grey (Jacket - £65, Trousers - £35)


For me, the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of a high quality suit is Next. Their formal wear never disappoints and, although some are quite high, the prices are still affordable - especially when compared to the standard of tailoring you get. The colours and patterns are more subdued than other high street stores, but I suspect that might be because their customers will most likely be coming in for work clothes. A suit from Next will definitely last you and you will feel like the King of Graduation for sure.

Image: Next Suit in Charcoal (Jacket - £50, Trousers - £29)

Image: Next Suit in Navy (Jacket - £64, Trousers - £35)

Image: Next Skinny Fit Suit in Bright Blue Stripe (Jacket - £64, Trousers - £35)

Where did you head for your suit? What style do you think you'll go with?

**A lot of these suits have recently gone in to the sale so you can bag them for even cheaper, just click through the image credits underneath and fingers crossed.

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