Monday, 23 February 2015

Alexa Chung for AG Denim

Alexa Chung, world renowned ‘It’ girl and transatlantic fashion icon has expanded her designer collaboration repertoire into denim. Following on from two previous collections with American brand Madewell, she unveils this new collaboration with AG Jeans.

Chung has designed a 21-piece denim-focused collection, which is available to buy now. Featured are skinny jeans, dungarees, frilled dresses, shirts, flared jeans and A-line skirts, all in varying shades of denim, from navy blue to khaki green and white. Chung had a big hand in designing this collection in Los Angeles, which is proved by her innate aura of utter coolness being visibly present. She is known for her sultry but not over-exposed looks and whimsical, preppy styling, and this collection is no different, demonstrated by the incredible lookbook she has created, modelling each piece.

“I think it’s clear that any influence you can get from Alexa’s exquisite personal style in your own wardrobe should be very welcome”

There is a distinct late ‘60s and early ‘70s revival feel about the pieces, with cropped flares, high waists and short hemlines featuring prominently, making the photo shoot in sunny LA the perfect setting to display these retro, feel-good looks. Chung has said this collection is “inherently the missing pieces of my dream wardrobe”, and I think we can all agree that she’s given us so many more inspiring alternatives to your standard jeans and smock dresses, all with that unique ‘Cali cool girl’ edge.

This California vibe was part of Chung’s initial design concept, where she was aiming to create pieces that “someone will really love, cherish, keep forever, and wear day in, day out”. However, this latest design offering from Chung, the denim interspersed with jersey sweatshirts and boyfriend tees, is unfortunately not cheap. With the denim pieces starting at £168 for a pair of faded blue cut-off shorts, shopping her looks may just be stretching your overdraft a bit too far.

Although, Chung’s unique and quirky designs will no doubt be somewhat replicated on the high street in the coming months, especially since a couple of her pieces have already sold out on the AG Jeans online store. With a Mulberry handbag named after her, being a muse for many top designers and the worthy recipient of a British Style Award, I think it’s clear that any influence you can get from Alexa’s exquisite personal style in your own wardrobe should be very welcome.

Tessa Jones for The Courier, 16th February 2015

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