Monday, 26 January 2015

Menswear Monday - Free Willy

Fashion Week is not just for the girls, and last week saw Men's Fashion Week get started in Paris. All styles of fashion were covered, from Paul Smith's British tradition to the decadence of Chanel and the contemporary designs at Alexander McQueen. But, one designer in particular has stood out this year, and not for the reasons you'd expect. 

The Front Row got slightly more than they bargained for during Rick Owens' SS15 show, as the male models strutted down the catwalk with little peepholes around the crotch area that showcased their genitals swinging in all their fleshy glory. Presented subtly, the genitals of 4 of the models were not immediately attention-grabbing when set against the dark and dramatic loose-form outfits. But, when you did notice it was pretty much all you could see and it wasn't long before social media created the hashtag #DickOwens, making everyone else aware too.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Womens: Wear It 3 Ways

This is the first in a new feature I'm starting for both menswear and womenswear - Wear It 3 Ways. In the third week of the month, I will pick a key piece and show you three different ways to style it. You will get outfit inspiration for the formal workplace, the casual weekend and the fun night out. If you're on a budget, or just don't like buying too often, then this feature will help you get the most out of your pieces.


First up is this shirt from New Look at £19.99, and with their current 20% off for students promotion, it's a steal. Grid print is a trend that's carried through from last year, with this window pane pattern being finer than usual, creating a subtle look. The pale khaki colour isn't too in your face, and will compliment blonde and brunette hair shades very well. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

Earlier this month, the annual Consumer Electronic Show was held in Las Vegas and gave technology aficionados a platform to showcase their latest and greatest projects to the technology world. From a super thin Sony TV to Mercedes-Benz' self-driving car concept, there was a massive variety on offer, solving the problems you didn't even know you had until now. But, one product in particular caught my attention - Panasonic's Smart Mirror.

The digital-display mirror can alter the image reflected back to you, depending on what function you select. You can try out different make-up looks, add on facial hair and change your hair style. If you've been thinking about a new look for yourself but have been put off by not being sure if you'll suit it, then this mirror will show you exactly how you'd look. Preparing for a night out and can't decide what make up look to go for? Ask the mirror. Considering growing a beard but not sure you'd work it? Ask the mirror. This could be super useful and pretty damn cool! 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Mastering the midi-skirt

Designer and high street alike have taken on one of the most femininely chic and elegant silhouettes – the midi skirt. This nostalgic trend has been around for a couple of seasons now and its popularity shows no sign of slowing. One of the best things about this ever-flattering cut is its versatility, whereby it can be styled to suit pretty much every girl and any occasion. The full hems skim over thighs and pull in your waist, creating more of an hourglass shape and adding curves where you may not have any. I’m a big fan of this trend as they are flattering to a longer frame, emphasising height, and the soft lines break up long legs.

“No matter your height, these 50s-inspired full skirt can still keep you feeling chic and sexy for a night out”

Plus, the length seems to be pretty wind resistant so you don’t have to be conscious of giving everyone an awkward flash of your bum when you’re walking outside this winter. If your parents gifted you with a shorter than average frame then my suggestion would be to go with more subtle patterns or

Monday, 5 January 2015

Menswear Monday

The temperatures are dropping even further at the moment, even though apparently it's 7 degrees up here in Newcastle - but believe me when I say they lie. So, I've given you jumpers and I've given you coats, all you need to finish off your winter look are accessories. Here, I give you my pick of the coziest and chicest hats, scarfs and gloves. As always, I've presented the high-end of the price scale first then followed by the high street:


Dents have delivered with these leather gloves (£85) that come with touch-screen fingers - super handy for when you need to use your phone but don't dare expose your hands. They are cashmere lined for extra warmth and comfort, like little blankets for your hands. 


Richard James gives us this burnt orange scarf  at £150. The USP of this product being that it is hand-knitted in the UK, giving it some heritage. Black, blue and brown will all go equally great with this autumnal shade. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

DIY or DIDon't ?

Hovercrafts and time travel are how some people envisage our society advancing but, according to one Swedish businessman, the future of fashion is flat-pack. The country that gave us revolutionary build-it-yourself furniture superstore Ikea, has now come up with a similar idea for our clothes, taking minimalism in a whole different direction.

Stefan Engeseth, a Fortune 500 business consultant, has said in a press release “fashion is an expression of how to package and sell design” and he thinks the pull of this idea is the customers being able to “personalise and ‘hack’ the designs”. The basic premise of his idea is that a customer would buy, presumably with flat-pack specialists Ikea as the initial retailer, a pack containing all the materials to make their own pieces of clothing by following a set of instructions, be that a top or pair of trousers. They would then be able to customise it according to their own preference, creating a basic yet personalised garment.