Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter Coat Style Advice

Since the student newspaper I write for is in Newcastle, I've tailored my advice to the usually freezing and windy, but not too often rainy weather here. This might not be appropriate for where you are but hopefully you can take away some of the styling tips.

There may be a myth that Newcastle natives can easily go out wearing only a top, but for those of us not blessed with apparently cold-resistant genes, coats are most definitely required. The wind can be like a plague up here so you’ll be wise to go for one that’s thick and of good quality – then you won’t be left wishing you put another layer on.

Less of a problem is the rain, so I wouldn't really say a hood is essential and you’ll probably be okay with an umbrella in your bag. If you have a more classic style, princess and pea cut coats are your new best friends. A good quality design is made from thick, durable fabric and goes down to your mid-thigh, creating an elegant silhouette. 

Robe designs seem to still be on trend this winter and are cosy against the dropping temperatures, although take care with your outfit styling as it can quite easily look like a dressing gown. My particular favourite coat colours are navy blue and deep red shades, but I’ve seen some exciting yellow hues wandering along Northumberland Street. Additionally, patterns are still a big feature, with tribal prints and dogtooth being regular popular choices. Whatever your budget, be it Primark or Topshop, there is a highly stylish coat out there just waiting to be worn.

Tessa Jones for The Courier, 8th December 2014

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