Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Alexander Wang for H&M

can’t have been alone in lusting after Alexander Wang’s offerings at NYFW in September, with his luxe-street inspired collection, and then left feeling morose after realising my loan wouldn’t stretch anywhere near as far. But, our spirits were lifted on November 6th. This was when Wang launched a more affordable collection with H&M, the latest in a long line of high-end designer collaborations with the popular high street brand, including Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld.

“He has emblazoned WANG across a lot of his collection, so people will know exactly who you’re wearing”                                                                                                         

The American designer has brought through his sport-inspired style, with jumpers and leggings featuring heavily. Remaining in line with the current trend of logos and obvious branding, he has emblazoned WANG across a lot of his collection, so people will know exactly who you’re wearing. 

A lot of the pieces would be perfect to go to the gym in, especially if style still matters to you when you’re working up a sweat, but the leather jogging pants are maybe not the best idea for the treadmill. The trend for wearing athletic clothing as everyday-wear has been around for a long while now, so even if you’re not a gym bunny, you could still get a lot of wear out of these pieces.


Speaking of everyday wear, the collection features a couple of bags, such as a holdall and a rucksack, which look roomy enough to use for all your uni stuff or even for that weekend trip home.

However, Wang’s new offering might not appeal to everyone, with the colour scheme of black and varying shades of grey – not the best palette to be lightening your wintery blues. There are crop tops from £24.99 and jumpers from £34.99, with shoes and socks also on offer, so you really can get a piece of designer at a reasonable price. If the previous collaboration sales are anything to go by, you’d better get in there quick!

Tessa Jones for The Courier, 17th November 2014

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