Monday, 29 December 2014

Menswear Monday

I have picked 5 of the best shirts from the high street sales to help you smarten up for your New Years Eve parties. Wherever you end up, make sure you turn up in style and you can bag that midnight kiss:


First up we have old favourite Topman with this camo shirt at £17 down from £34. The creative print is busy and interesting and would look well with a plain pair of black slim fit jeans. The short sleeves are practical for keeping you cool on the packed dancefloor.


Burton have designed this awesome shirt and you can now get it for a bargain £8 (down from £24). The tile print will give your look a vintage edge, with the rolled short sleeves revealing the same pattern in a lighter shade. This shirt would go best with black pants for a night time look but can be worn again in the day with a lighter blue. 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Tessays Tips: Sales Shopping

The Christmas sales are well underway, with most starting a couple days ago although some stores began early, before the big day itself. Some of you may have been crazy enough to brave the shops on Boxing Day but I'm sure you'll still be looking, either online or in store. It's easy to get carried away with yourself and end up buying for the sake of buying. In order to make sure you don't overspend or waste your money on things you shouldn't have, you should try following these 10 tips:

  1. If in doubt, don't.
    This is my first rule with pretty much everything in life. When you see an item, if you don't straight away think 'heck yeah' then the chances are you probably don't want it that much and you're not going to wear it that often. Likewise, if you see a piece and you can't decide within a few seconds if you like it, even after trying it on, then don't buy it. 
  2. Do your homework.Know what you want to buy. Have a look through your wardrobe and try to decide what items you need, maybe a new top/shirt for going out or shoes for work. Try to come up with a list of key pieces, and one or two that would help update your wardrobe. By going in with some direction, your less likely to get distracted by other things and buy on a whim. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Are PETA fur real?

Animal rights activism group PETA have given hundreds of donated real fur coats to Liberty in London, many given by popular celebrities. This is to aid the Regent Street department store’s annual coat drive, whereby they take donated coats from collections and give them out to homeless people.

With around 6,500 people living rough on the streets in the capital city alone, this is a very worthy cause and highly respectable of Liberty to try to help keep the homeless warm this winter. Equally as respectable is PETA contributing to the initiative, which started in 2013, although some questions have been raised by it.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Gift Edit - Mens

Christmas may only be 2 days away, but there is still time to get some last minute gifts for the boys in your life (or yourself). Personal style can be revealed through the smallest of pieces, so any of these would be a great addition to an outfit. 


Menswear favourite Paul Smith have delivered again with this lightweight scarf (£85) with various shades of blue. It's been made using 12% silk and the subtle yellow stripe at each end does well to break the blue hues up.


This leather from Uniform Wares is £220 and comes with a leather strap. The black strap is very versatile in terms of outfit matching and I like the minimalism of the watch face - plus it reminds me of the Countdown clock. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Miss World Covers Up

A few days ago, it was announced by the chairperson of the Miss World beauty pageant, Julia Morley, that the famous competition will no longer feature a swimsuit round. Speaking to Elle magazine, she said "I don't need to see women just walking up and down in bikinis. It doesn't do anything for the woman. And it doesn't do anything for any of us." This is a huge progressive step towards a more positive portrayal of women in the media and popular culture. 

It has been long argued that this 'beach fashion' segment of the beauty contest was simply objectification of women, where they would literally walk up and down a stage wearing swimsuits or bikinis. There was no interview, no discussion of their styling choices, no reasoning behind it. The young women were judged solely on their bodies and how they looked semi-naked. I fail to understand how you can argue against the fact that this was pure objectification. Thankfully, Morley's new-found opinion is in-line with this sentiment, furthering her initial point by stating, "I don't care if someone has a bottom two inches bigger than someone else's. We are really not looking at her
bottom. We are really listening to her speak," and so the section has been removed. Further support has come from Chris Wilmer, director of the Miss United States competition, due to this not just being about beauty: "it's about 'beauty with a purpose'. There didn't seem to be a purpose to have the swimsuit."

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Courier Christmas Lookbook

On December 8th, I took part in the The Courier (my university newspaper) Fashion section's project of creating a lookbook for the Christmas party season. The editor decided on a completely white background in order to show off the clothes they've styled the best, and brought in a makeup artist to complete the party-feel. Student photographer Lottie Bovill was expert behind the camera, giving lots of helpful direction and got all the shots she needed quite quickly. This is the second photoshoot I've done for the fashion section, the first being the Halloween special in October, and it was a lot of fun! It was a pleasure helping them out and everyone was pleased with the final images. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

In Defence of Kendall Jenner

In February of this year, Kendall Jenner walked in her first major catwalk show - Marc Jacobs. I have to admit, when I read about this online my first reaction was "how unfair" and I said that she had most likely got that casting based on her name and her momager's involvement. However, none can deny the soaring success and tremendous reception Kendall has received in the fashion world, which is no mean feat. As someone who has modeled previously, I know how competitive getting a job is and how disheartening it is when you're unsuccessful. Earlier this week, I came across an open letter to the second-youngest Kardashian sister, penned by fellow model Arisce Wanzer on September 22nd 2014. I immediately disagreed with the words she wrote and the attitude that she has adopted towards her, so here is my own opinion on this view. First, here is the scathing letter posted by the Virginia-born model via online journalism site

Dear Kendall,
Take a moment and remove yourself from your current situation, if you can, to a life that isn’t riddled with excess and only hearing the word “yes” to your wants and requests. Now, imagine you’re from a small town and/or Third-World country where your only way to get out of your current social class, achieve your dreams, get a green card or just gain better work conditions is to become a high-fashion model. You have to leave for six months to a year sometimes, signing contracts you can barely understand, let alone oblige to, almost without choice. You’re away from your family, your friends and everything you know. You live in a one-bedroom apartment with six other girls in the same situation in this Big Apple, New York City.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Menswear Monday

So, last week I gave you a pick of warm winter jumpers for every price range and it's time to venture outside. Here is a selection of the best coats out there at the moment:


Faux shearling is an incredibly warm synthetic material, and so soft to have on your skin! Neighbourhood's brown brown button up jacket (£600) is great for casual, every day use and the short cut is very practical. The popper buttons look authentic on the deep chocolate shade, and the square collar is a nice touch.


Thom Browne is known for classically English looks and this overcoat (£1535) is no exception. The wool herringbone design can be styled casually when worn open with jeans and a round neck jumper, or smartened up with black suit trousers and smart leather lace up shoes.

Women's Winter Edit - Cropped Jumpers

Last week I posted the 5 best winter jumpers for menswear, which proved pretty popular. So, this week's women's edit is all about decking you ladies out for the colder climes as well - starting with higher end, and then onto the more budget-friendly.


Alexander Wang is known for his street-chic collections, and this cotton twill cropped sweater (£218) fits in perfectly. The over-sized style and long sleeves make it incredibly comfy to be in and is great for the days when you just want to feel wrapped up and cosy. The dark grey colour is easily matched with other dark shades, or you could team it with the matching twill sweatpants. 


Chanel's AW14 show brought us an extravagent supermarket-themed catwalk, and this edgy ensemble. Seen here on Cara Delevigne and worn in cream by Kim Kardashian, this crop sweater (£1340) and jersey trouser outfit has been very popular. The ripped fabric toughens up the bright pink colour, and would be best layered over a long cami for every day wear to avoid catching a chill. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter Coat Style Advice

Since the student newspaper I write for is in Newcastle, I've tailored my advice to the usually freezing and windy, but not too often rainy weather here. This might not be appropriate for where you are but hopefully you can take away some of the styling tips.

There may be a myth that Newcastle natives can easily go out wearing only a top, but for those of us not blessed with apparently cold-resistant genes, coats are most definitely required. The wind can be like a plague up here so you’ll be wise to go for one that’s thick and of good quality – then you won’t be left wishing you put another layer on.

Less of a problem is the rain, so I wouldn't really say a hood is essential and you’ll probably be okay with an umbrella in your bag. If you have a more classic style, princess and pea cut coats are your new best friends. A good quality design is made from thick, durable fabric and goes down to your mid-thigh, creating an elegant silhouette. 

Robe designs seem to still be on trend this winter and are cosy against the dropping temperatures, although take care with your outfit styling as it can quite easily look like a dressing gown. My particular favourite coat colours are navy blue and deep red shades, but I’ve seen some exciting yellow hues wandering along Northumberland Street. Additionally, patterns are still a big feature, with tribal prints and dogtooth being regular popular choices. Whatever your budget, be it Primark or Topshop, there is a highly stylish coat out there just waiting to be worn.

Tessa Jones for The Courier, 8th December 2014

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Alexander Wang for H&M

can’t have been alone in lusting after Alexander Wang’s offerings at NYFW in September, with his luxe-street inspired collection, and then left feeling morose after realising my loan wouldn’t stretch anywhere near as far. But, our spirits were lifted on November 6th. This was when Wang launched a more affordable collection with H&M, the latest in a long line of high-end designer collaborations with the popular high street brand, including Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld.

“He has emblazoned WANG across a lot of his collection, so people will know exactly who you’re wearing”                                                                                                         

The American designer has brought through his sport-inspired style, with jumpers and leggings featuring heavily. Remaining in line with the current trend of logos and obvious branding, he has emblazoned WANG across a lot of his collection, so people will know exactly who you’re wearing. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Menswear Monday

The temperatures are dropping and Christmas shopping is well underway for most, so this week I thought I'd find you the best winter jumpers around at the moment. If you're looking for a gift, or just looking for yourself, then this will hopefully give you a bit of browsing inspiration.

This maroon shade is very on trend right now, and the darkness blends well with the disappointing lack of sunlight. A jacquard knit with navy under-running gives a nice texture to this Gant Rugger jumper (£115), making it less boring than going for something plain. The navy trims are a nice touch, making it adaptable to a greater range of colours. The round neck is ideal for a wearing a patterned shirt underneath, with plenty of room for the collar to seamlessly show.

Marc Jacobs is well-known for his edgy designs, and this jumper from his Marc line (£240) does not disappoint. The juxtaposition of the black against the vibrant blue on the arms, and the more subtle white/grey striping on the body make for a very attention-grabbing garment. Plain jeans are all that's needed with this, just let the jumper do all the talking. 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Beyonce with Topshop

You have most likely heard all about this when the big news was announced, but here is my take on Beyonce's planned partnership with Topshop, and how her style has evolved over the years.

Wish you could wake up like Beyoncé? Well, now you can as activewear has just been given a whole new star-studded seal of approval. The 17-time Grammy award winning megastar has announced a partnership with Topshop, where they will together create their own brand of athletic streetwear to be released in 2015.

This may not be the Queen of Pop’s first foray in the fashion world, with her launching high-end label House of Dereon with her mother in 2004, but this dance and fitness inspired collection will be accessible to the masses – without crippling our overdrafts. Philip Green, chairman of the Arcadia Group which owns Topshop, has been keen to stress that this is a 50/50 deal with the ‘Halo’ singer, and not just another celebrity collaboration.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Menswear Monday (on a Tuesday, oops!)

Image: Getty, on

This week I'm featuring the handsome Oliver Cheshire, seen here at the Original Man launch by designer Patrick Grant. The British model has gone for a relaxed yet smart look for the launch, displaying the style credentials he's no doubt picked up over the past 11 years of modelling. He has mixed up colours rather than go for a pattern, which is quite a minimalist approach to dressing and attracts a different sort of attention to an in-your-face design. 


This 100% cotton blazer from Paul Smith Jeans (£215) is a very comfortable fit and the cosy-feeling fabric makes it ideal for these colder winter nights. Although Oliver has opted for a long-line blazer style, I think this shorter cut will look just as chic.