Monday, 10 November 2014

Menswear Monday

This week's outfit inspiration comes courtesy of Burberry's new festive campaign, featuring one of the younger members of the uber-stylish Beckham family - Romeo. The 12 year old shows off his impressive breakdance skills in the British heritage labels new advert, accompanied by older male models wearing similar outfits. Despite his young age, Romeo carries off this classic look effortlessly and it's easy for you to replicate it for yourself. 

Burberry are famed for their use of the Tartan pattern, and the beige scarf is by far one of their most iconic pieces, which can be yours for £315. As you most likely remember seeing the models sporting their own on the fashion week catwalk, you can get initials monogrammed on to the end for an extra £75, which can be given as a very thoughtful gift.

Romeo has been styled in a crisp white shirt, synonymous with class, and this silk cut shirt can be yours for £295. This clean look is very adaptable, looking just as at home paired with dark blue jeans or sharp black suit trousers. 

The trench coat is one of the most iconic British garments and a staple of Burberry's collections. The long line cut is the most traditional, and this beige coat can be yours for a staggering £1195.

However, you can also copy this look on a lesser budget by heading to the high street. This durable mac from Asos is very similar to the designer version seen above, and at a fraction of the price (£70) it is also affordable. A good coat is worth investing in, especially as its starting to get colder, so I would view spending this sort of money on one piece as more an investment - shivering is not a flattering look.

This white shirt is an absolute bargain at £12.99 from New Look, and will definitely survive a good few washes. It may not be as comfortable as the pricier silk alternative, but it's just as stylishly cut.

A scarf is vital for the winter months, with this cosy number from Topman being a steal at £14. The colours can be matched well with a variety of shades and the red will suit the beige of your mac perfectly. 

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