Friday, 14 November 2014

Meet the Blogger - Maria Case

Interviewing the lovely Maria gave me the encouragement I needed to finally start my long-thought over blog. Her own blog is posted at the end of the article.


met with Maria Case, a student blogger covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle in the North East in a ‘fun, insightful and exciting’ style. She was inspired to start her blog in May because she felt she needed an online presence to help her planned career in fashion journalism, although she was intimidated by the idea of blogging because she thought she “needed to be an expert to write about fashion and beauty” – but now she realises that’s not true. Maria likes to keep her blog varied, and loves the event invitations it has brought, such as Newcastle Fashion Week which coincided with her blog launch and was “a great spring board”.

When starting up she found it difficult to constantly think up new ideas for posts. This lead to her taking a break over summer so she wasn’t “compromising the quality of  content just for the sake of posting something”, which is a reflection of her integrity at staying true to her initial plan.

For those of you thinking about starting your own blog, Maria’s most important piece of advice would be to go straight to Blogspot or WordPress and just get creating. She suggests “don’t freak out over the little details – you don’t need a fancy name, but it’s so important to push yourself to get started”. She found YouTube tutorials very handy for teaching herself about HTML coding and all the other technical bits. Twitter has been a great promotional tool for Maria, as “hashtags are your best friend” in this digital age, and since there’s nothing worse than “poorly shot, grainy, bad quality photographs”, she suggests you try to get your hands on a good quality DSLR camera.

“Don’t freak out over the little details – it’s just so important to push yourself to get started”

Maria cites actress Rosamund Pike amongst her biggest inspirations, due to her light, neutral makeup letting natural beauty shine through. If you’re looking for a quick change-up in your look, Maria “adores” lipstick and thinks “trying out a shade that’s really different to what you normally go for” can give you just that. Maria personally likes to wear mauve and plum shades to match her dark hair and eyes, but lighter shades such as pinks and orange-reds may be more suited to lighter hair.

With Halloween approaching, I asked Maria about her biggest beauty horrors, and it turns out the blogger had quite a few stories to tell. Until she was 17, Maria never plucked her eyebrows, which she now thinks looked “awful” in photographs. But since we’re still in the Cara-era of big and bushy, I think she could get away with putting less effort in now. Maria hates make up that “looks like I’ve tried really hard”, so there’s a big regret in the multitude of light, shimmery eye shadows she used to don, hence her current penchant for more natural and matte shades. A beauty disaster I can personally relate to is the full fringe she experimented with and ultimately decided was just a “terrible idea” as it didn’t suit her facial features.

On the topic of fringes, one beauty tip that Maria would give to a celebrity is urging BeyoncĂ© to hastily get rid of the micro fringe she has been sporting recently – “I mean, I love her, but that fringe is really quite bad”. From her engaging blog and the subtle yet beautiful looks she wears, I’d say Maria is one to keep up with for all your Newcastle beauty needs.

For more of Maria’s lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips, head over to her blog:

Tessa Jones for The Courier, 27th October 2014

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