Sunday, 30 November 2014

Celebrity OOTD

Here is my first post on Celebrity Outfit of the Day, where I take famous fashionistas and show you how you can recreate their looks for yourself, from both designer and high street labels. 


This week I bring you Edie Campbell, shown here at the Guy Boudin: Image Maker exhibition in London. The seasoned model is working a normcore look, which is one of my favourite styles. She oozes easy, relaxed cool and her scraped back hair with minimal makeup keeps her look fresh. Normcore is a trend that is very simple to join, with plain clothes and jersey fabrics featuring prominently. Here's how you can recreate this slick outfit:


This gorgeous black sweater from Helmut Lang comes in at £210 and is made of a wool-blend, leaving it very soft to the touch. It is unclear from this image but there is a mix-up of the direction in the wool, adding texture to the solid black colouring when up close. The long sleeves are practical for the colder climes and look slick when pushed up to just below your elbows. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Black Friday Hits the UK

Black Friday is one of the latest American imports in to the UK - a day of mass reductions in shops, following the US holiday of Thanksgiving. Similar to our Boxing Day sales, people flock to the shops, including supermarkets, to get their hands on discounted goods. Clothing, electronics, furniture and a whole manner of other wares are all included in the promotions, which came in to popularity in the UK only a couple of years ago. As you have most likely noticed on Boxing Day, these sales can bring with them a manic treachery. People can be animals. Shoving, swearing, arguing, abuse of staff are all common practice it seems. If you can't fight for yourself then you don't stand a chance. You will have no doubt seen the crazy scenes at Tesco's up and down the country, with one woman being dragged a long the floor whilst clutching a television reduced by 50%. However, I've noticed from the press coverage that clothing stores have been somewhat more civilised. Or perhaps, they were just overshadowed by incidents at the supermarkets, with 7 police vans being required to keep the peace at one.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Pretty Kitty

This post is just in time for those of you starting your Christmas shopping. The products have been out over a month now but you can still get them in shops and online, purrfect for any makeup lovers on your 'nice' list.

“Le maison de Shupette is now open!” announced Karl Lagerfeld via his Twitter page on 15 October. The makeup range in collaboration with cosmetic giants Shu Uemura and inspired by his beloved cat Choupette has arrived. Yes, a cat has its own high-end beauty collection. This may sound absurd but any fan of Lagerfeld will be aware of the high regard in which he holds his feline muse and how lavishly she lives.

This is also not the high-flying kitty’s first foray into the human fashion world, with a lifestyle advice book penned in her name and an impressive social media presence. It’s also no surprise that Shu Uemura have chosen to collaborate with the German designer to launch their festive holiday collection. When colouring his own fashion illustrations, it is well known that Lagerfeld uses various products, specifically the eyeliner pencils from the long-established cosmetics company as opposed to more traditional pencils. The website description cites ‘this season – Paris is in, fur is in and Shupette is very in’ and if the pioneering makeup brand have their way, then this will very much be the case.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Menswear Monday

This week's Menswear Monday features the patriarch of one of the most stylish families - David Beckham. 

Photo by Getty, from

His style has matured in class as he has with age, and he is at the peak of his personal style game. Pictured here with style-queen wife, Victoria, at the Another Man Magazine party shows this clearly. Here's how you can recreate the look, on any budget:

Photo from

This Paul Smith London shirt (£145) is quite inconspicuous, as the pattern can only really be seen properly when up close and personal. The fine pin spot print in white changes up the solid black fabric, with the button up pocket adding a sense of practicality.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Grabble App

I wrote this article before this wonderful little app was picked up by social media, and you've no doubt seen or at least heard about it. This is my personal review of Grabble, and there may be a couple changes from when this was written.

Grabble. Fashion doesn’t spring to mind when you first hear this word but it’s an app that is trying to revolutionise online shopping.

With a similar premise to dating app Tinder, you set your boundaries on price and gender then a random selection of clothing and accessories appears for you to decide upon. You swipe right if you love it, or want to ‘grab’ it, or swipe left if it’s not your sort of thing, much like your potential dates.

“If you are lacking in pennies then you can pick all the items you love and then wait to be told when you can buy it for cheaper”

The items you’ve grabbed are then saved in a basket, each with a link to buy online. There is a huge range of retailers, from Missguided to Topshop to Net-A-Porter, so you can find something whatever your budget and style.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Meet the Blogger - Maria Case

Interviewing the lovely Maria gave me the encouragement I needed to finally start my long-thought over blog. Her own blog is posted at the end of the article.


met with Maria Case, a student blogger covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle in the North East in a ‘fun, insightful and exciting’ style. She was inspired to start her blog in May because she felt she needed an online presence to help her planned career in fashion journalism, although she was intimidated by the idea of blogging because she thought she “needed to be an expert to write about fashion and beauty” – but now she realises that’s not true. Maria likes to keep her blog varied, and loves the event invitations it has brought, such as Newcastle Fashion Week which coincided with her blog launch and was “a great spring board”.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Menswear Monday

This week's outfit inspiration comes courtesy of Burberry's new festive campaign, featuring one of the younger members of the uber-stylish Beckham family - Romeo. The 12 year old shows off his impressive breakdance skills in the British heritage labels new advert, accompanied by older male models wearing similar outfits. Despite his young age, Romeo carries off this classic look effortlessly and it's easy for you to replicate it for yourself. 

Burberry are famed for their use of the Tartan pattern, and the beige scarf is by far one of their most iconic pieces, which can be yours for £315. As you most likely remember seeing the models sporting their own on the fashion week catwalk, you can get initials monogrammed on to the end for an extra £75, which can be given as a very thoughtful gift.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Margiela or Morals?

We have all said things we shouldn’t have whilst under the influence, but September 2011 saw a Paris court shockingly rule John Galliano guilty of making anti-Semitic and racist remarks in a Paris cafĂ©, whilst inebriated.

Upon this very public revelation, he was swiftly fired from his post as Creative Director at Christian Dior, after 15 years, with them “unequivocally” condemning his actions. The actress Natalie Portman, who is the face of Miss Dior and “proud to be Jewish”, released a statement at the time distancing herself completely from Galliano. Other reactions from within the fashion world were varied: from sympathy for his inability to cope with the fast-pace of the luxury business, to concerns for his mental health and substance abuse, to some just being angered, such as Karl Lagerfeld telling Womenswear Daily that he was downright “furious with him”.

Galliano has been making a gradual return to fashion since the incident, with a temporary residency at Oscar de la Renta in 2013 and famously designing Kate Moss’ wedding dress in 2011, although he came nowhere near his previous dominance. Until now.